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11 oct 2018


UQ's new attempt to improve low uni voter turnout

By Felicity Caldwell

In a first, students interested in this year's "stupol" elections at Queensland's largest university can access independent information about the parties and discover how they stand on topics such as campus culture, amenities, student rights and health, via an online "democracy app" …


7 Sept 2017


Opinion: Same-sex vote in Australia: dawn for direct democratic action

By Dion McCurdy

Australia is set to become the second nation in the world to hold a popular vote on same-sex marriage this November. The form of the vote, a postal survey, is very problematic. But the debate around it helps raise public awareness of direct democratic processes…




1 March 2019


144: Dion McCurdy On How Social Enterprise Can Be Used To Empower Democracy

Impact Boom searches the globe to find the people, stories & inspiration to help you create maximum positive impact. They interview world-leading social innovators, entrepreneurs, changemakers, designers, educators, thinkers and doers who share Insights, ideas & inspiration. Thomas Long interviewed our CEO and co-founder, Dion McCurdy, about his experience in developing NewVote who shares insights into how social enterprise can be used to empower the community to become more politically engaged to create positive social impact.


9 AUGUST 2018


036: Direct Democracy with Dion McCurdy

Caspar Roxburgh interviews aspiring millennials about their lives, passions, struggles and how they want to change the world. Caspar interviewed our CEO and co-founder, Dion McCurdy, about his faith in ordinary people's ability to solve difficult political problems, the case for direct democracy in Australia, and how these systems work in other countries like Switzerland, Spain and even the United States. Dion also explains the value of citizen juries, and shares his passion for reforming politics to make the world a better place. 


5 JUNE 2018


069: Direct democracy made digital

The Uncommon podcast, hosted by Jordan Michaelides, helps build knowledge, skills & mindset through interviews with unique individuals. Jordan interviewed our CEO and co-founder, Dion McCurdy, about his background in law and politics, Australia’s democratic crossroads, barriers to politics today finding middle-ground, types of democracy (representatives, citizen juries, direct democracies, plebiscites and the Swiss system), NewVote - what is is, when & how he decided to start it, and what a future ideal democracy may look like.




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