Thanks for sticking around....

NewVote at Woodford Folk Festival

NewVote at Woodford Folk Festival

If you’ve made it this far into our website – thanks for sticking around and welcome.

The rest of our website is all “we’re grown-ups” and “look at our graphs and statistics.”

But this space here is where we take off our jackets and let ourselves be a little bit human.

Changing the world is not a project that should not be undertaken by the faint-hearted. There are moments of great elation (like when we launched at the University of Queensland). Those days make us spend the day walking around like John Travolta in Staying Alive. But there are also moments of quiet despair where sometimes the mountain we have chosen to climb seems to turn into a sheer cliff face with no possible path.

On this blog, you’ll find both of those kinds of days.

This feels like an appropriate moment to insert an Instagram quote from someone like Nelson Mandela or the Dalai lama but it feels inauthentic to borrow wisdom from someone else.

Instead, we are building our own wisdom and walking our own path.

One day. One action. One meeting. One phone call at a time. Its not always pretty (and certainly not always Instagram able) but its ours.

Please, come on in. Take off your shoes and curl up by the fire. We have lots of stories to share.

Dion McCurdy