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Student Action

  • Progressive politics, the union should be a political body

  • Fights for Student Rights and Social Justice

  • Use resources to educate, organise and inspire students to collectively resist the various problems in our society.

Student Action is a progressive political body of students that believes the union has a responsibility to encourage student political engagement with fundamental issues that affect them. Student Action aims to mobilise the students against issues such as funding cuts to higher education and fee increases as these policies makes tertiary scholarship less affordable leading to more financial pressure on students. Student Action will also fight for social justice by opposing any forms of discrimination whether it gender, race or sexual orientation. Student Action advocates for political and academic freedom on campus that facilitates dissemination of different ideas. Student Action wants equal rights for international students by demanding no upfront fees and no 457 visa.




  1. No upfront fees for International Students

  2. No 457 visa

  3. Fight against funding cuts to higher education

  4. Supporting National Tertiary Education Union (industrial action)

  5. Supporting National Union of Students (vehicle for mobilization)


Student Experience

  1. Concession Translink fares for part-time students

  2. Higher and easier to access Centrelink allowances

  3. Paid placements

  4. More computer labs on campus

  5. No increases to parking fees

Social Justice

Social Justice

  1. Free refugees and establish refugee scholarship

  2. January 26, Invasion Day

  3. Oppose Islamophobia

  4. Support free, legal abortion on demand

  5. Support more gender-neutral bathrooms on campus

  6. Support re-establishing the gender studies major