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Smokers Rights

  • Solely interested in the rights of smokers

  • Promises to end the ban on smoking and provide free patches and gum for people who are trying to quit smoking if elected.

Advocating for the rights of smokers, this party is fighting for the return of smoking to campus at UQ which was banned in July 2018. The party’s platforms are based on issues for smokers. Unlike the other parties, Smokers Rights have not presented any other issues.

Smokers Rights is seeking election in the Union Council only. Ie. not any office bearer positions.


Student Rights

Student Rights

  1. Stop the smoking ban

  2. Bring back cheaper tobacco sales on campus 

  3. Start a UQU Tobacco collective

  4. Free breakfast of black coffee and cigarettes

Health and well-being

Health and well-being

  1. Free patches & gum for quitters