• Progressive activists

  • UQU should represent ALL UQ students.

  • Make campus a fun and welcoming place

Momentum is a team of progressive activists that are focused on issues that concern the wellbeing and safety of students on campus. Momentum is advocating for more accessible mental health services to help students handle stress and navigate the struggles of university life. Momentum will also passionately pursue the fight to end sexual assault on campus and introduce social welfare officers at events that can provide necessary assistance to victims of sexual assault. Momentum aims to provide free breakfast 5 days a week, every single week so students don’t have to worry about skipping the most important meal of the day just to make it to their 8 am classes.


Student Rights

Student Rights

  1. High quality and accessible mental health support

  2. Free breakfast 5 days a week, every week

  3. Bigger and better Rewards Card


    -more discounts

    -free diary

Campus Culture

Campus Culture

  1. Fair club and societies funding

  2. Restore Collectives’ representation

  3. Fight against sexual assault on campus

    -introduce social welfare officers at events

  4. Rebooting the fight for university to divest from fossil fuels



  1. Standardise late penalties

  2. Publicise course evaluations