• delivering exceptional services, programs and events

  • speaks out on issues that directly affect students

Focus is an apolitical party with the core mission of improving upon the quality of life for students on campus. Focus is proposing for an academic representative for each faculty as a channel to actively communicate ideas and problems that students might have. Focus will deliver a new campus bar and functions space spanning 3 levels of Building 41 to accommodate more students and larger-scale events. Focus is also providing coffee vending machines in study spaces making a much needed caffeine boost more accessible for students throughout the whole day. Focus is lobbying for an on campus late night convenience store allowing for a less stressful experience of burning the midnight oil.


Student Rights

Student Rights

  1. Academic representative for every school

  2. Standard submission times at 11.59pm

  3. One discretionary deferred exam per year

Campus Culture

Campus Culture

  1. A new $15M Campus Bar and Functions Space

  2. $2 Coffee Vending Machines in Study Spaces

  3. Over 1000 new volunteering opportunities

Diversity and Welfare

Diversity and Welfare

  1. International Student Led Events in O-Week

  2. A Medicine Fridge to Store your Items all day

  3. Bringing Free Rapid STI testing on campus

  4. New Advocacy and Support staff

Facilities and Union Management

Facilities and Union Management

  1. More basketball courts on campus

  2. An on campus late night convenience store

  3. A commitment to save or build a new theatre