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California is probably one of the most famous examples and probably one of the worst examples in the world. The structure and process of it is not good. Essentially it has been taken over by those that can afford to pay signature collectors to go around the state so basically there's a bunch of millionaires or billionaires that are able to put the issues up and that it. You get perverse results as a result of that.


There is a way of dealing with that, so in Oregon they have a method called the Citizens Initiate. They combine the two principles. They bring together a citizen jury to look at the Citizens Initiative that is going to the whole population. And that jury looks at the issue at great depth and writes a very short leaflet on the issue and how they believe it should be voted on and that is given to every voter when they enter the ballot place as a way of saying, ‘Ok, people like me have had an opportunity to deeply to deliberate. I have not. But I have to vote on this in initiative and I can see what those people thought after having many days deliberation.


I’m a big fan. And to answer your question from before, what kind of genre is this, because I know what we are doing is quite unique. There are similarities between us and a lot of other online platforms and parties and so on but we are essentially doing the Oregon system online.