An open letter to the people of Australia


Fellow Australians,

NewVote is all about you.  

Your beliefs, your ideas, your solutions and your decisions.  

NewVote is concerned about the large and growing disconnect between everyday Australians and the government decision making process. Faith in our political system is at an all time low.

NewVote's mission is to break down the barriers that impede everyday Australians from shaping the future of our nation.

We all love democracy and that is why NewVote is now bringing it into the digital age through the launch of a a secure voting app that makes your voice heard in real-time. 

With NewVote, you participate in the debate on important political issues facing Australia and vote on the solutions you want to implement.

It doesn’t matter which party you belong to.  We’re about policy, not parties

We facilitate balanced information in a clear and organised way to encourage evidence-based decision-making by a well-informed public.

We know that great ideas can come from anywhere. We believe that the wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom that exists within all of us is the most underutilised resource of our nation.

We are the bridge between you and government decisions throughout the three or four years of government and not just when elections come around.

NewVote allows you to participate in a way that has never been done before. We're a world first.

We’re an independent nonpartisan registered Australian charity.

We’re NewVote. Join us.